Catching Up From All the Craziness

September 4, 2009

Dear Caitlin,

I’ve been lagging on my blog posts the past few days, but for good reasons: (1) I’ve been very busy with all my departmental orientation activities, which started on Wednesday; and (2) I haven’t been making too much new food, somewhat as a result of (1). But I do still have some news to report, so let me get to it!

Tuesday night I whipped up something of a new creation: another pesto, but not a pine nut pesto. The idea was suggested to me by my landlord, David, actually, who seemed to think it’d be good. I thought it would at least be interesting to try, and since basil is so plentiful and delicious right now, I figured I’d give it a shot. The result? This…


As you can sort of see, it doesn’t look much different than regular pesto. Nor does it taste much different. The basil flavor is just so overpowering that the nut choice doesn’t seem to matter much. I’m definitely more a fan of the traditional pine nut variety, but almond pesto still works and is worth the try, especially if you’re out of pine nuts but well stocked in almonds the next time a pesto craving hits.

Now how did I eat this almond pesto, you ask? Not much differently than I would’ve eaten a normal pesto, but my choice of accompaniment for Tuesday night was potato gnocchi! I think pesto goes great with gnocchi, and I also think gnocchi is great, so this was definitely a good combination for me! I ate with some more of my delicious (but now dwindling!) caraway deli rye:


This was, as I hope you can imagine, very yum.

So as I mentioned before, my departmental orientation activities started up on Wednesday, which meant that most of my food for the day was provided by the department, and that I neglected to photograph it (so as not to appear like a total weirdo in front of my graduate student cohort on the first day we met). But it wasn’t really worth photographing anyway: a spread of typical breakfast pastries in the morning, and typical BBQ fare in the evening (with veggie burgers provided, thankfully).

As for Thursday, I’m actually going to save its noms for another day, hopefully tomorrow, for another installment of “Cooking For One,” this next post focusing on On The Go Lunches! Come back soon to read all about it!

But before I sign off for tonight, I thought I would share a bit about my outing from earlier this evening: a night at the Rogers Centre ballpark to see the Toronto Blue Jays face off against the New York Yankees. The weather was perfect for a ball game, but the game itself was not perfect for watching. It was very slow for one thing, and Toronto, although they did put up a good fight, but pretty soundly beaten by the Yanks. Not that I particularly wanted the Yankees to lose; I just like it when the home team wins. It makes the stadium experience so much more fun and alive.

I was able to snap a few choice pictures of the stadium though, both inside and out, while I was there. Hope you like ’em!







Until we eat again,



One comment

  1. JORGE!!!!!!!!

    Also, I watched a Good Eats episode the other day about nuts and he recommended pesto with pistachios. I’m really curious to try it, but I would imagine almonds would be a great compliment to the basil flavor!

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