Random Instances of Deliciousness (and Cuteness)

September 3, 2009


As I promised earlier…



That’s right! Beet Hummus! I used this recipe, which I found on This is Why You’re Thin! If you haven’t already checked this blog out, I would highly recommend perusing the wonderful assortment of colorful food pics (most of which have the recipes linked). This is a really great hummus! The beety taste was not as intense as the beety color, but it was really fresh and light. I may have added the pepitas for color contrast…

beet hummus closeup

I think, slowly but surely, food blogging is going to bring out the hidden food stylist in me… Only start worrying about me after I whip out a sharpie to make my food look more appealing…

Anyway, I also thought I would take this chance to share some pics of my beloved furry friends!

I think I shall arrange them from oldest to youngest:

Milo butt

This is Milo, or more appropriately, Milo’s behind.


This is my current roommate, Brody.


This is Maya. I caught her in the midst of one of her short and sporadic bouts of ladylike behaviour.


This is my other current roommate: Vasco de Hama. He likes pumpkin seeds almost as much as I do! (It’s a little strange how many parts of his food mix are things I love to eat…)

Now, our little blog has not been around for very long, but I was inspired by Carrots n’ Cake to check out the traffic to see what searches people had made that led them to us. I must say that I love the result. Only one search is listed and it is “store bought pierogi dough pockets.” I apologize to whoever searched for this that they probably didn’t quite find what they were looking for… 😉

Until We Eat Again,


p.s. I know I have been a little beet crazy recently but, no worries, I used my last beet on the hummus!

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  1. […] throughout the day. One of my favorite hummus varieties of late has been beet hummus (which Caitlin first posted about a long time ago). Up to this weekend I’d been following this recipe from Eat Right Ontario, […]

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