Happy Hump Day! (Yesterday…)

September 3, 2009

Uy, Willie!

I had a rather long and exciting day yesterday! Due to all the running around, I had lunch on the run! I decided to walk over to Union Square Park to chow down. I realized after I had left the house that I forgot my water bottle, so I needed to stop somewhere for some liquid sustenance to accompany my meal. For some reason, I decided to stop in at Starbucks…


Originally, I was just going to get the naked juice, but the smell of coffee overwhelmed me and I decided to get an iced coffee as well. I don’t know what came over me. Starbucks coffee is so gross on its own… I did discover, though, that the aftertaste of *bucks coffee goes really well with the taste of green machine juice. Who’d a thunk it?

I packed a simple lunch:

lunchity lunchA delicious braeburn apple and a cucumber avo sandwich on rye bread!

Luckily, when I sat down on the grass, two musicians set up and started playing bluegrass on their mandolin and banjo!

musiciansElsewhere and when in my life, I enjoyed left over spicy borscht with kale and potatoes!

borscht leftoversI also wanted to make sure to get a shot of the thai peppers I mentioned earlier:

pepsAren’t they adorable!? So that you can get a sense of their size:

pep and cellYeah, they are really tiny, which means: really spicy!

I also, came across a strange recipe that I think might be a must try… (once I get a gyoza press that is…) Ice Cream Gyoza!

You might be interested in taking this quiz at mental_floss as well: It’s the faces of NPR! You will probably score much higher than I… (I only got 42%)

Anyway, I should start getting ready for my evening class… I will have a short and exciting little post tonight about something I cooked up for lunch today! 🙂

Until We Eat Again,




  1. I scored a 50% on the quiz, although I only actually knew 2 of the 12. Also, the Ice Cream Gyoza look amazing! I just want to know some place I can eat them!

    And I will try to post soon–things have been crazy since orientation has started!

    • Oh! I forgot to mention in the post that I walked around the union sq farmer’s market a little too! Since I hadn’t gone to class yet, I didn’t buy anything, but that amazing apple juice has a stand!

    • some place you can eat them? How about the kitchen?

      I look forward to hearing about orientation!

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