Quite a Day!

August 31, 2009

Dear Willie,

Today was my first day of classes and I thought I would try to feed myself well to prepare for the week ahead.

I began my day with french toast!

french toastI used some slices of the rye bread I made earlier in some banana, almond milk, cinnamon puree. The rest of the banana is featured on the top of the plate! It may not be the prettiest meal, but it was super filling and delicious!

Once I got my new ID (I only look mildly drunk and disoriented), I decided to take a walk around the block and scope out the neighborhood. Down the block I found a cute little coffee shop:

kawaThis was very expensive kawa! Definitely a sometimes treat… It really was delicious coffee though and I will have to go back to try their maple latte! (They were out of maple syrup today!) I had a hazelnut latte with soymilk instead.

After class, I headed to WF to pick up some things for this week’s noms. I got a lot of exciting things (including figs!) in addition to some of the noms for tonight’s dinner:

barszczI have been anxious to try this recipe of Indian-style borscht from PV for a long time. Since I had some beets on hand, I gave it a shot tonight. Never would I imagine that Indian spices would go so well in this Slavic classic. It was pretty seriously spicy (by my standards) but was delicious! I also got to try a new ingredient Thai peppers! They are super cute! (I forgot to take a pic tonight, but I have some left over so I’ll post one later.)

My day was pretty exciting for many reasons (one of which I will not mention because I don’t want to jinx it! fingers crossed!) so I’m pretty beat. Hopefully later in the week I’ll have a little more time to post something more substantial… Also there is new snuggie commercial on TV, and now they have snuggies for dogs. Now, you can look like a wizard at home, at sporting events AND while playing with your dog!

Until We Eat Again,


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