The Pizza Post

August 27, 2009

Terve Willie (and any other possible readers!)

As I mentioned in my last post, I was really craving pizza. When I get a craving it really doesn’t go away until I give in in one way or another. Today, I caved. I am weak. I know.

But, I resisted the temptation to order in, and instead decided to make my own. I did some heavy photo-documentation of the process:

Raising the dough

I was nervous the dough wouldn’t rise in my rather chilly apartment, so I preheated the oven to the lowest temperature available (200 F), turned it off and popped in the dough! Magically, an hour later, this appeared:


This dough was just right! I’ll have to put up a recipe once I have tweaked it a bit. Originally I was considering trying to make this one of your single-serving meals, but it made a little more pizza than I had originally planned…


I made 2 single-serving pizzas! (It is important to note that 2 single-serving pizzas and a double-serving pizza are very different things! 🙂 )

flax meal

Flax meal made a great coating for the pan! (I wish it was a pizza stone though…)


I squared them off a bit so they would better fit the pan. The pizza on your left is topped with nootch, “pizza seasoning,” olive oil, tomatoes, garlic and onions. The pizza on your right is topped with sunflower seeds, kale, beets, roasted garlic and rosemary! I think next time I will try the right-hand pizza with pistachio nuts and arugula, but this was delicious as is.

After 10 minutes or so in the oven, I was beckoned by the fabulous smell of these:

cooked pies!

And the obligatory close ups:

tomato piebeetza

I must say. I have a new love and its name is Beetza. Don’t worry Willie you are still number one! Maybe I can try this with golden beets and you will share my noms?! 🙂

One last photo for good measure:

slices of pie


I’m thrilled I have another 2 pizza halves left!

On a mostly unrelated note, in case you were unaware of this craziness, I present to you without further ado…

Yes. Ricky Gervais was totally in a band in the eighties. Fantastic.

Until We Eat Again,



  1. Your pizzas look wonderful, especially the tomatoey one.

    • Thanks!

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