a pretty good and often yummy day.

August 26, 2009

!kao Willie!

To begin, I am really craving pizza right now.

After some twilight zoning, cuddling with the puppy and breakfasting on blueberries and kiwi, I decided that I wanted to whip up something special.


Rye Bread

While I don’t think this  is the prettiest loaf of bread I have ever made, it is/was pretty delicious! I decided to go with this recipe on Simply Recipes. I wasn’t really up for an overnight affair, so I had to seek out a recipe without a starter (one day I will have the patience). This recipe caught my eye because it calls for cocoa! The bread had a lovely chocolatey-brown color due to this surprise addition. It was super moist but still light. I definitely give this recipe a thumbs up!

Caraway seedsrye detailcut rye

Just wanted to include some drool-inducing detail shots!

For lunch, I decided to try my new bag of basmati:


It was so fluffy! It was also a perfect match for my sauteed, garlicky beet greens!


All around a very satisfying lunch!

In the evening, I headed west to the Brecht Forum for a library-themed film screening. Really it was two films, Storm Center with Bette Davis and a Resnais film, Toute la Memoire du Monde. Both were really great for different reasons. Storm Center was about a small-town librarian who refuses to remove a book about Communism from the town library. This film is as hokey as it is shockingly direct. Toute la Memoire du Monde is a fantastic short documentary, to be expected from Resnais. I think that I may have liked it so much because it reminded me, for a few reasons, of one of my favorite films of all time, Night Mail. TMM was about Bibliotheque Nationale rather than the British Postal Service (two things I am completely fascinated with) but equally interesting for both content and the documentary style used to depict it. The event itself was really awesome too. It seemed that the majority of people there were professional librarians/archivists and I must say, NY librarians are super, super cool! The Brecht Forum, the host of the event, has a lot of really great free events (including some tomorrow that I will have to fight the urge to attend). Their events are kind of like what the Warhol offers with a lot of themed screenings and such, but their themes are really thoughtful and they are really welcoming! I imagine I will be taking you along on some of their events in the future!

Now to add some more dets about dumplings!

  • My recipe made about 14-6 ‘rogi, so you weren’t too far off!
  • I think this dough is a good base for non-potato ‘rogi. Where there was dill, any other spice could really be substituted. For example, if I were to make fruit ‘rogi, I would probably add cinnamon/nutmeg/spices of this ilk and i might cut the salt with some sugar.
  • I  think some tofu, possibly marinated, mashed in with the potato would also be a nice filling.
  • You mentioned that your ‘rogi came out a little thick on the dough. I was wondering if you did another quick roll after you cut them? I don’t remember if I mentioned that in the recipe…
  • I also think that a different, possibly lighter, sauce might be better on these…

Essentially, I think there are still a lot of kinks to work out in this recipe. I do think that I’m definitely on the path to a framework recipe that you could easily make a ton of different dumplings with though…

Well, I look forward to orientation tomorrow! I hope you have a lovely day!

Until we eat again,



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  1. Thanks for the ‘rogi tips. I think doing another quick roll after I cut the dough circles is just the trick I need. I will definitely try it the next time I make rog-monsters, whenever that is.

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