The Run That Never Ends

August 24, 2009

Dear Caitlin,

The thing about running 10.5 miles is that no matter how it takes you to finish it, it really lasts all day. So after coming back from my run yesterday morning (clocking in under 100 minutes!) and showering, I promptly fell asleep for over two hours and then awoke to find myself very hangry. I desperately needed a calorie refill, and quickly when through whatever pre-made things were in the fridge. I quickly devoured two peaches, two bowls worth of miso soup, and the leftover quinoa pesto from last night, but still was not sated. So I ate up the other half of the tomato Ying Ying tofu pack I opened last night and, still hankering for more, finished it all off with a bowl of Nature’s Path cereal. And after all that, I felt adequately replenished, although my legs would remain achy for the rest of the day. Clearly, I need to find a better way to refill after long runs. I’m thinking next time I should try starting with a salad…

Anyway, my afternoon was fairly uneventful after this late lunch, but come evening I decided to ride out to the local Whole Foods to get a glimpse of it and pick up some needed ingredients for tonight’s dinner. The interesting thing about Toronto’s Whole Foods is that it’s on the bottom floor of an indoor shopping complex, so you actually take an escalator down to get to it. It’s crazy! Here are a couple pics:

Whole Foods

Whole Foods 2

Anyway, after picking up what I needed here, I came back and made a three-course meal in an hour and a half, which is very fast for me working alone. And I didn’t even feel like I was rushing! As I think you know, I like cooking to remain as laid back and low stress as possible, which makes me a pretty slow cook most of the time. I’m fine with it, because, since I love to cook, I’m happy to spend more of my time on cooking, but I’m definitely missing having my favorite sous chef close by 😦 Anyway, here’s what two of last night’s three courses came out looking like:


On the left we have Yellow Squash Pesto, prepared using the remainder of last night’s pesto (still sooo good!), and on the right we have my favorite Roasted Rosemary “Pot-shaker” Sweet Potatoes. Here’s a close-up of the taters:


These were most of the sweet potatoes I picked up from the sweet potato farmer at Saturday’s farmers’ market. They were very good themselves, but I actually did not like my chosen preparation for them so much. The potatoes themselves got too soft, and the rosemary didn’t really complement their sweetness that well I thought. But they were still delicious. Here’s what they looked like on the inside:

Potatoes Cut

As you can see, there are two different kinds of sweet potatoes on this plate: Beauregard & Covington (the traditional, reddish-orange skin & orange flesh taters) and O’Henry (yellow skin & flesh). I liked the O’Henry more than the B&C I think, as the latter could have been just a little sweeter in my opinion. My little potato basket was also supposed to come with some Kotobuki, Japanese sweet potatoes, but maybe they’re in with the leftovers. I guess I’ll find out soon!

Now here’s a close-up of dinner’s other course:

Squash Pesto

Nothing too out of the ordinary here, just peeled yellow squash lightly sauteed in olive oil and mixed with last night’s pesto, with pine nuts, nutritional yeast, and panko sprinkled on top. This was very good, as I was expecting. The one problem I had with it, and the one problem with all the squash pastas I’ve tried, is that it was a little watery, especially towards the end. Is there a way to prevent this? Should I pat down the squash before sauteing it? Should I use less oil? Should I just eat it raw? Should I get a spiralizer? I hope you’ll be able to advise me.

Last but not least was the dessert-y course of cornbread, which I had no more room for after those two excellent plates. Here what’s it looked like, though:


I still haven’t tried this yet, but I imagine it will be delicious, and I imagine I probably will try it sometime this morning before I head out for the day.

So that was Sunday! I hope your Monday goes/went well, and I will blog about my own Monday soon!

Until we eat again,


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  1. yay cornbread! let me know how it tastes!

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