Crescent Dragonwagon is a Wonderful Woman!

August 22, 2009


Last night, my dinner was just too delicious. My last trip to Mr. Kiwi’s left me without any greens! 😦 This meant no salad for Caitlin… (Apparently, they get fresh shipments on Tuesday and they hadn’t put the fresh greens out yet…) But I did get a nice squash that I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with! So, I decided to consult my new deliciously comforting vegetarian food guru, Crescent Dragonwagon:


She had a really simple baked squash recipe and an intriguing grits method using a double boiler.


A dinner this good deserves a close up!


These grits definitely rival Raymond’s! They were just absolutely perfect! The taste blended perfectly with the sweet and slightly tangy squash! I would highly recommend both recipes and will, without a doubt, make both of these again. I just have to stop myself from making the same meal tonight! So, this may have made 2 large portions… and I may have eaten it all…

To complete the comfort foods round up, I had a brownie (or two) for dessert…


For these, I used my favorite brownie recipe in the world from The Garden of Vegan. I added a little ground cardamom and it was one of the best choices I think I have ever made in my life. No, seriously. These brownies are so moist and cakey that I might have to eat them with a fork…

Anyway, I am going to have to get to the grocers so I can pick up some greens and avos… I feel like I’m going through withdrawal from green things in my diet…

On a unrelated-to-food note, wikihow had a really fun how to today: How to Understand Canadian Slang. While I knew most of the words and wouldn’t say that they are all uniquely Canadian, some of them are kind of funny. I am also led to wonder if it won’t be long before my fellow New Yorkers will begin to use and understand the phrase timbits intimately. One can only hope.

Until we eat again,



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