I seem to dine out in sets of three…

August 21, 2009

Jambo Willie!

Since Willie seems to be so anxious for me to do some restaurant reviews, I am writing this tripartite post. Now, only two of these restaurants were explored with Willie, so number three is a wildcard of sorts!

First off, Willie and I spent the day taking in a triple feature of films! First came Ponyo, which was completely adorable, then Julie and Julia, which I liked but didn’t love, and finally, I Love You, Man, which I ADORED. In the meantime, we did work up an appetite, and decided to stop by Angelica Kitchen. (Warning: Flash site)


As you can see, we ordered a lot of food here. While this wasn’t the most affordable place, it wasn’t outrageuously expensive either. The food was really good, though. Left to Right; Top to Bottom, we had: Chai Tea, Agrarian Salgado, The Nori Maki of the Day, a Tempeh Reuben and “cheesecake.”

The chai was pretty good, but not the best I’ve ever had. Willie ordered another type of tea, called kukicha made from branches, I thought it had a really interesting and rich taste. The Agrarian Salgado was really spectatular! They were mashed potatoes with a dill “sour cream,” basil-walnut pesto and marinated kale. sdnfiknsoabosbdfisfkgdgg… oh, sorry I guess I lost control there thinking about how good they were… Anyway, I can’t remember all the specifics of the Nori Maki, but it was made with Brown Rice, Tempeh and green beans. These were okay, but the wasabi on the side was fantastic. I think it may have been real wasabi, which, as I learned from Alton Brown, is incredibly hard to grow and most of the wasabi you find in stores does not, in fact, come from real wasabi! We decided to order the tempeh reuben because most of the reviews highly recommended it. I wasn’t incredibly impressed, but it was pretty good! Now, on to dessert. This was labelled as a vegan cheesecake, and was some sort of set silken tofu pie. I don’t know if cheesecake was the most appropraite title for this, but it was REALLY good, I mean, assuming you like tofu because it was a pretty strong tofu taste. All around, I don’t think I would I would say this restaurant is a must, but I definitely think it would be worth a stop if you were in the area.

The next day, before Willie had to ride away into the sunset on his megabus, we decided to try out Sacred Chow. We originally were going to try this place on Willie’s last visit, but because of the horrid results of our meal at that vegetarian Indian buffet that from now on shall remain nameless, we had to cancel the trip. This time, thank goodness, the attempt was successful!


Sacred Chow is a really cute little place that focuses on making tasty food (mostly tapas) that are all organic, locally grown, vegan, fair sourced and/or kosher! They also have tons of soy-free, gluten-free and wheat-free dishes! Okay, so maybe that isn’t everyone’s idea of deliciousness, but the food was really, really good and I think even someone who wasn’t all for vegan cuisine could enjoy the food here. We began with the Gym Body smoothie, which was thick enough to be considered a milkshake and was high on almond an banana flavor. Next came our set of tapas, root vegetable latkes, sunflower-lentil pate and Orange Blackstrap BBQ seitan. The latkes were really peppery, but tasty and they had a nice texture. The star was definitely the date butter they gave us to accompany the latkes! It was so creamy and sweet (but not too sweet!) The lentil pate was probably the best part of the whole meal. It tasted a lot like sunbutter, which, for me, is a great thing! The seitan was pretty good. The BBQ sauce on top was fantastic. It starts out sweet and tangy and hits you with a little heat at the end. For the main event, we had the grilled western tofu with dill-soy mayonaise. As with everything else in this meal, it was quite delicious and the mayo definitely won me over. This is a really great  lunch place, and I can’t wait to check it out for brunch!

The day after Willie and I went our separate ways, I met up with my friend Germaine! Germaine and I have known each other since kindergarten and it was really great seeing her. Originally, we were planning on seeing Regina Spektor at the Union Square Barnes & Noble, but it was so ridiculously crowded we bailed before she even hit the stage and decided to get something to eat. We stopped in at this little place called Pita Hut in Chelsea.


I got a creamscicle smoothie (that’s right, I finally got my creamscicle fix!) and an Athenian pita (I think that’s what it was called…). The pita was really good, but I didn’t feel like it was particularly special. I guess it is nice to enjoy food out at a restaurant and be able to duplicate it fairly easily at home though. The food was affordable, but the smoothies run for a pretty steep sum. Though expensive, the smoothie was absolutely delicious, thick and yogurty. The staff was really nice and accomodating too. I can’t remember exactly what Germaine got, but I tried it and it was really good. It was some sort of pita salad with caramelized onions on top (maybe she will be able to remind me…) She also got a smoothie, a blueberry smoothie that was really rich and fresh tasting. If you have a couple bucks to spare, I would definitely recommend these smoothies! 🙂

Well, thanks for bearing with me and I hope this review was helpful!

Until we eat again, or on another time,

Caitlin 😛


  1. Beautiful photos! I especially liked the ones of the sunflower lentil pate. Also, I updated the category tags to include ones for “New York City” and “Caitlin’s Meals” so you can tag your posts accordingly. Hope you don’t mind 🙂

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