Backblogging Pt. 2: Eating Out in T.O.

August 20, 2009

Dear Caitlin,

So me and my family arrived in Toronto around 5:30, a little behind schedule due to traffic but not too bad. We brought all my stuff from the car up to my room in about 30 minutes, left it several messy piles, and then left to go to my parents’ hotel and get some grub. I had found what looked like a nice little place within walking distance of the hotel, so we decided to go there. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, which is really a shame, because all the food there was very photo-worthy, and the area itself was also a sight to see. It’s just a small street tucked in between more residential areas, lined with restaurants of every sort of ethnic cuisine you can imagine. All the restaurants had open patios, perfect for the evening’s cool summer weather, and overall it just had a really positive vibe. I will have to take you there sometime soon. I will also have to take you to this restaurant we went to: Vegetarian Haven.

Again, I’m very sorry that this post will have to go without pictures, but perhaps you can get some idea of this place from their menu. It’s basically Asian fusion, 100% vegetarian and actually maybe 100% vegan, with plenty of options, appetizers, drinks, and desserts. It also happens to be located directly below the offices of the Toronto Vegetarian Association, which is nice. Anyway, just to give you a sense of the range of the menu, our dinners included: Thai spring rolls, wrapped in some sort of sheet made from flattened clear noodles; tomato vegetable soup, which although it doesn’t sound like much was super tasty; fried quiche with vegetables and broad noodles; a sizzling plate of seitan cutlets in a pineapple sauce; and spicy Singapore paste, my vote for the best plate at the table. Overall, this restaurant gets my highest rating: place I will take my girlfriend to when she visits. I hope you will like it to!

After dinner, my parents returned me home to my place, where I spent the next three or four hours unpacking. I did a pretty good job, I think, and everything I brought fits in very snugly to my cute little room. Here are some pictures of it, in counterclockwise order:

Bedroom Desk

Bedroom Closet

Bedroom Bed

Bedroom Bookcase

Doesn’t it look home-y? 🙂

Breakfast the next morning was also very satisfying and, more importantly, not photo-less! We went to another nearby place, this time a small cafe with a decent enough breakfast menu and lots of fresh juices, coffee, and pastries. I got a tofu scrambler platter:

Tofu Scrambler

Along with the scrambled tofu I got a nice salad, an incredibly diverse and fresh fruit cup (watermelon, strawberries, pear, peach, two types of grapes, and I think pineapple), and some spelt toast. I can’t say this was the best tofu scrambler I’ve ever had, but this was a solid way to start off my morning.

My parents got oat bowls—a generous helping of their slow-cooked oatmeal along with three toppings of your choice. Here was my mom’s:


And that was our breakfast! After this, we walked to the mall to get my new cell phone and then drove back to my place to drop me off and say goodbye. And that almost gets me caught up with my backblogging, except for tonight’s dinner, which I’ll leave for a separate post.

Until we eat again,



One comment

  1. Your new room setup looks beautiful! 🙂
    I can’t wait to see it in person!

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