Things I ate the day Willie began his adventures in Canadia

August 19, 2009

สวัสดี Willie!

I began my day a little later than expected today, but still ended up being pretty productive! I applied for a few more internships (fingers crossed) and cleaned up the apartment a bit. Despite the productiveness, I did watch Top Chef Masters all day (and still am now…) I still love Michael Chiarello. This meant that I wanted to eat all day. Don’t worry, I didn’t give into the temptation, but I still made some serious food.

For my late breakfast, I had oats!


I mixed in some of the Simply Delicious granola sprinkled some cinnamon on top and added a splash of maple syrup. Also, hiding under that delicious mound of oaty goodless is a dollop of sunbutter! Along with this perfect way to start a day, I had some Pandicao:


Hey, I needed some chocolatey comfort after losing you to snowier pastures! I had some cuddly comforting as well…


After a few hours of Top Chef, I really wanted to do some serious cooking. I decided to make pierogi from scratch! (both meanings…)


I decided to fry them for the sake of time, but I think these will be a lot better baked. I’ll probably post a recipe once I’ve tried them baked and I find a good sauce for them. They were pretty good and really hit the spot!

Sorry for the brevity of today’s post but I’m feeling kind of sleepy! I hope Toronto is treating you well!

Until we eat again,



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