Living it up with Leftovers!

August 13, 2009

もしもし Willie!

Though I have little exciting to report at this time, I wanted to post a typical floggie (a short post just about one day’s eats?) about some of my eats for the day.

I decided to make chips out of my blue corn tortillas and try to finish off the fillings from our North-of-the-Border tacos.


(I also love the lighting in the kitchen of the new apt!)

Here is the whole spread:


Clockwise from the top right: Hillbilly Hummus (from Passionate Vegetarian), wonderful vegan cornbread, blue corn tortilla chips, sauteed collard greens, tofu and mushrooms.

Later, I was really craving something sweet. Really, I was craving fruit, but since I ate all my blueberries last night, I decided to make cookies. Always the perfect standby, since I usually have all of the ingredients on hand, I make super charge me cookies (you know, the ones from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan).


Now, somehow, I ended up not having any quick oats… I’m really not sure what happened to them in the move… So I had to improvise and hoped that using some of the steel cut oats you gave me would still work well in the cookies. Final verdict: not as good as with regular oats, but still delish and with a really interesting and oft-crunchy texture. Dipped into my ‘ermitage cup of chai tea with oat milk (which I am really digging by the way) it was perfect and really hit the spot!


Just a reminder, Friday is National Creamsicle Day. So, if you are a true American, and love commercial food holidays:


Other important food holidays to look out for in the second half of August:

  • August is the official “Brownies for Brunch” month
  • 19 August is both hot & spicy food day and potato day (I foresee some spicy aloo saag?)
  • 25 August is whiskey sour day (is it appropriate to attend new student orientation blottoed?)
  • 27 August is Banana Lover’s day
  • 29 August is both “More Herbs, Less Salt” day (sounds perfect to me!) and Chop Suey day
  • 31 August is “Eat Outside” day (maybe by then I will have some NY friends and we can have a picnic after class!)

Anyways, I look forward to a sweet weekend of creamsicles, lemon meringue pies and bratwurst! (? okay, maybe no brats…)

Until we eat again,



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