Quinoa Vegetable Explosion

August 10, 2009

Dear Caitlin,

Today was soooo muggy! Up until now, it’s been very nice and temperate here in Valatie since I’ve returned, but today it definitely felt like August. Which leaves me wondering why ever I decided to make a hot dinner. At the end of this evening’s meal I was sweating, like I had just come back from a run! Gross.

Anyway, tonight for dinner I tried improvising a main course, what I call “Quinoa Vegetable Explosion.” Here’s what it came out looking like:

Quinoa Veggie Explosion

Unfortunately, this definitely wasn’t the favorite thing I’ve ever made, although my family seemed to enjoy it well enough. Basically, this dish just involved some quinoa, vegetables (broccoli and asparagus), and chickpeas, with the spices from Fat Free Vegan’s Cauliflower Dal recipe. I thought it would be a good combination, and it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the flavor explosion I was hoping for.

Along with this, we had some oven roasted corn on the cob and the leftover cornbread from last night. Other than that, today was very uneventful foodwise. I hope to have more to report tomorrow and further on into the week!

Until we eat again,



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