Sunday’s Sundries

August 3, 2009

Dear Caitlin,

Sunday was a relaxing and laid-back day for me, which meant no fancy and exciting new cooking. Yet I still enjoyed what I ate. Here’s breakfast:

Breakfast Cereal

This was Kashi Go Lean! Crunch (Honey Almond & Flax), Tasteeo’s (the local Cheerios knock-off), raisins, bananas, and wheat germ. It was, obviously, wonderful. Here’s lunch:

Grape Salad

This was basically the same salad that I made yesterday, except without the tomatoes and with a few less nuts, AND the fantastic addition of grapes. I really liked the extra sweetest and juiciness.

Later in the afternoon, my family went out for dinner and a movie, or, in chronological order, a movie and dinner. The movie was Funny People, which was enjoyable but not fantastic. I actually thought that the movie had a very good mix of comedy and drama (kind of like Freaks & Geeks), except the comedy just wasn’t funny enough. There weren’t really any hilarious jokes or bits in the whole movie, although there were plenty of entertaining lines and scenes, plus several excellent cameos (the best of which was, in my opinion, Eminem). Also, you’ll be very interested to know that the film co-stars Eric Bana, playing an Australian and speaking with his native Australian accent (as well as a little bit of Mandarin)! That, at least, was very pleasing.

Anyway, dinner! We went out to a Japanese restaurant in Albany called Sushi Tei, or 寿司亭, literally translated as “Sushi Restaurant.” Oh, how anti-climatic.

Before I go into how the food was at this place, let me take a moment to share one of the beefs I have as a vegetarian. Native Japanese restaurant, despite the abundance of fish, is not only very vegetarian friendly but also very enticing to vegetarians, as it includes a multitude of tofu dishes, many of which you never see the likes of stateside, as well as plenty of noodle dishes and just interesting vegetable preparations. Yet all the Japanese restaurants I’ve been to in America are rather disappointing as far as vegetarian options go, offering only your standard vegetable tempura, maybe a few small tofu appetizers, and maybe a noodle entree that doesn’t include chicken, pork, or eel. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised: Neither Americans nor Japanese are particularly vegetarian (unlike, say, Indians), so there’s little need for such ex-pat eateries to cater to our needs. Maybe I’ll go to California someday and finally find what I’m looking for. Or I could just go to Japan. I’m not sure which one would be easier.

So back to Sushi Tei, which, if you couldn’t guess, also falls into this category of Japanese restaurants with few vegetarian options. Still, I got by. I chose to go the more Japanese route and just order three smaller appetizers instead of one single entree, and it was definitely the right move. I was also able to share some of the food my parents got. Here, for example, is the vegetable shumai (steamed dumplings wrapped in what I think was cabbage) that my mom got (sorry for the low light!):

Vegetable Shumai

These were good, but not as good as the vegetable gyoza (fried dumpling) plate I got:

Vegetable Gyoza

Usually gyoza (both here and in Japan frequently) are over-fried and too crispy for me, but these were wonderfully soft all around. The filling was nice, too, making for a very palate-pleasing eating experience. Here’s another of my mom’s appetizers, Age Dashi Dofu (fried tofu with marinated in soup stock):

Age Dashi Dofu

Not the best I’ve ever had, but not bad. Finally, here’s my main meal, two vegetarian sushi rolls:

Sushi Rolls

The one on the left is your basic avocado roll: nothing special, just big tasty chunks of avo surrounded by rice and nori, and thus completely satisfying. The one of the right definitely stole the show (or the plate, or whatever). It was billed as simply a sweet potato roll, but it turned out to be an inside-out sweet potato tempura roll! It was delectable; the tempura added a nice crunch to the soft and flavorful sweet potato in the middle. I would definitely order this again if I ever came back.

And that was my Sunday! And since it’s already noon on Monday, I’ll throw in a bonus picture of my breakfast this morning:

Breakfast Salad

Yep, I decided I was in the mood for a breakfast salad today, much the same as the one I had yesterday except without the nuts and with more grapes. I also had some o’Soy yogurt with wheat germ, which I decided I don’t really like. Unfortunately, it’s the only soy yogurt option here in Valatie, and I still have another cup in the fridge. I’m sure I’ll manage.

I will posting again soon with today’s surprise, which is cooling right now (hint hint). I hope you’re excited as I am about this!

Until we eat again,



One comment

  1. I put grapes in my salad today too! I’m glad you thought of it as well because I think you have been missing out without the sweet, juicy blueberry addition to salads and I think, flavor-wise, they stand in quite nicely!

    The Japanese food looks really good and I’m totally craving gyoza now!

    Also, for now, I vote California. It smells less like fish, I presume.

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