Something New, Something Old (plus shopping!)

July 31, 2009

Dear Caitlin,

I woke up early this morning to get in a short run. After getting back and showering off, I decided to sit out on our front porch with a cup of tea and my book, and I watched as what would become the day-long rain began. I was glad I got out when I did!

Unfortunately, I still had to face the rain, as I had several errands and shopping planned for today. My errands were mundane (post office, bank, supermarket), but my shopping was very successful. First, check out these great clothes I got from the Gap!


Best thing of all: they were all on sale! With my extra birthday coupon discount, this came to $50 altogether. What a steal!

I also stopped by your old stomping ground, Target. I was looking for some little things I wanted to get for Toronto; one that I’m especially excited about are these little containers for my desk stuff and my medicine cabinet. Here they are open:

Containers, Open

And here they are closed:

Containers, Closed

So convenient! And space-saving! I am very excited, as I’m sure you can tell.

But anyway, on to food matters. I didn’t eat anything until I came back from all this shopping, so when I got home I decided to treat myself to one of the new goodies I picked up at the supermarket on the way back:


Yep, I finally got around to trying Oikos yogurt. I know you’ve tried this before and I forget what you thought of it; I decided to go for the vanilla flavor, since I can barely stomach regular plain yogurt, much less plain Greek yogurt. But I liked this Oikos! I did decide to throw in some add-ins just for fun, however, though I don’t think it really needed them:

Oikos with Add-Ins

That’s wheat germ, flax seed meal, and granola in there! I’m not sure if I’ll buy more at this point, as I only picked up this one pack along with a few O’Soy packs that I’ll go through first. But we’ll see…

Dinner tonight—at least my part of it—was something old, VeganDad’s excellent Malaysian Sweet & Sour Tofu. The sauce came out really well tonight I thought, but I totally screwed up the tofu. I don’t know if I didn’t heat the oil high enough (I didn’t have a candy thermometer or anything) or if I was using the wrong sort of pot or what, but the batter did not stay on the tofu at all this time! Hrumph. Still delicious, though, and I think my family liked it, too.

Malaysian Sweet & Sour Tofu

My mom contributed what I’m calling a Japanese Eggplant Stew: a mix of eggplant, mushrooms, and green beans in a shiitake dashi. Very interesting taste, especially with the dashi; I liked it!

Japanese Eggplant Stew

And that was today! Right now, I’m trying to decide whether the list of things I would do for a Klondike bar includes walking to the kitchen and opening the freezer. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Until we eat again,


One comment

  1. 1. I’m excited to see you in your new gap clothes!
    2. Target is a wonderful place. There are caboodles for everything and you know how much I love sorting and organization!
    3. I tried chobani plain and I really liked it! I added in some stuff because it had such a strong flavour, but thought it was really good. I’ll have to try the oikos now!
    4. The tofu dish looks so colorful!
    5. That dashi stew looks very tasty too!
    6. When it comes to individually-wrapped-ice-cream crap, I must say I’m more of a drumstick girl myself… 🙂

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