Road Trip Report Card

July 29, 2009

Dear Caitlin,

What a long day! We started packing up the two cars and the U-Haul at 7:30 this morning and didn’t get back in New York and all unloaded until 9:00 at night! Thankfully, the drive was uneventful and smooth the whole way, it was just very long. I’m pretty exhausted now, but I wanted to give you a quick run-down of the car ride goodies I bought, in the order I ate them:

  1. Chocolove Dark Chocolate Bar: Due to poor planning on my part, the only thing I had to eat in my car for the first leg of the ride was my dark chocolate bar. Not really the ideal breakfast, but delicious.
  2. Banana: Okay, I know, a banana doesn’t seem like something to write up. But I did want to mention it because I tried buying the Whole Foods Whole Trade bananas this time. Whole Trade products are ones that Whole Foods claims are fair trade and beneficial to the farmers and the environment yada yada yada. Anyway, this was a good banana.
  3. Cherry Pomegranate Naked Juice: I picked this up at the Sheetz we stopped at, and I really liked this flavor! (Side note: Why is Sheetz spelled with a “z”? Since the preceding [t] is a voiceless consonant, the plural phoneme /s/ is pronounced with a correspondingly  voiceless [s], not a voiced [z].) (Update: As I suspected before I wrote this side note, a quick bit of Wiki-researching reveals that Sheetz is eponymously named after its founder, Bob Sheetz. Probably a Slav.)
  4. FSTG Sweet Potato Chips: Good, but not my favorite. I thought they needed more sweet potato flavor, which was more of a subtle aftertaste if anything with these chips.
  5. Sweet Mama Half & Half Lemonade Tea: Another drink I picked up at the Sheetz. I decided to forego my traditional Snapple for something I’d never seen before, knowing that I really enjoy Nantucket Nectars’ Half & Half drink. However, Sweet Mama just didn’t cut it for me. Too much sugary sweetness, as I should’ve expected, and avoided.
  6. Odwalla Superfood Bar: Not bad, not great. It has a unique taste, but not so unique that I want to go out of my way to eat it again.
  7. Cricket Cola (enhanced with Green Tea): Not pleasant; I couldn’t even finish half of it. Granted, I did open it late into the trip and it wasn’t really cold anymore, but it just wasn’t good cola, and the green tea did not make up for that.

And that was everything I ate on the car ride. After we arrived home and unpacked the cars, I had some leftovers for dinner from last night at Spice Island. My mom, on my recommendation, got the Fresh Bean Sprouts and Basil (one of my all-time faves on their menu) yesterday, and I finished it off tonight. I also had a Pink Lady apple and some of my dad’s bread. It was all very satisfying; it feels so good having some real food in my tummy.

And that’s all for tonight! I should head to bed soon and get some much needed rest.

Until we eat again,


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