Rainy Day Lunch

July 29, 2009

Dear Caitlin,

I don’t know what the weather is like Jersey, but here in Valatie it has been raining and pouring like nobody’s business. I tried to take a picture to show you all the craziness, but I don’t think any photo could really capture the shear amount of water falling from the sky.

Rainy Valatie

Anyway, after a busy morning of running, unpacking, re-organizing, and errands, I finally got around to eating lunch (or breakfast, if by breakfast you just mean the first meal of the day) at 2:00. I kept it simple: a salad from the available greens in my fridge and some leftover curry my mom made. It all came out pretty good! Here’s the salad:

Wednesday Afternoon Salad

Actually, after I took this photo, my mom cut up some Pink Lady apple slices to put over it and I sprinkled some flax meal to finish it off. The rest of the salad was just a few leaves of lettuce, a handful of baby spinach, and grated carrots, with toasted nuts (pine nuts, walnuts, and sunflower seeds) on top. For the dressing, I used some of the salad dressing of mystery in the fridge:

Salad Dressing of Mystery

Really, it was just a simple vinaigrette, I think with some mustard in there.

The curry was simple—tofu, tomatoes, broccoli, and chickpeas in a subtly flavored sauce, but it was good, especially over the leftover quinoa and rice.

Leftover Curry over Quinoa & Rice

I also tried some of the Buffalo flavor FSTG chips. They exceeded my expectations (which we just that they’d be slightly better tasting Doritos) but didn’t blow me up (except with their spiciness—there’s a lot of cayenne pepper in these babies!). However, I thought it was really nice to have a spicy chip that didn’t get salt or fake cheese all over your fingers—everything in these chips stayed on the chips, as it should be.

It looks like I will be whipping up some shiitake dashi with soba noodles for dinner tonight, so I probably won’t take any photos of that, since you’ve seen it so many times before. I’m looking forward to seeing what food adventures I can get myself into over the next few days, though! There’s a big bag of potatoes sitting in our fridge that I have to figure out something to do with…

Until we eat again,


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