Happy Birthday, Canada!

July 1, 2009

Since it is July 1st (Canada Day!) I thought I would write my first post about our trip to Toronto! This may end up being a rather picture heavy post… I mean… it definitely will be a very picture heavy post…

We started out from The Land of Yellow Bridges very, VERY early in the morning, but this mean that we got to see a beautiful sunrise over Western New York.

Sunrise over Western NY

Unfortunately, by the time we arrived in Toronto the weather had changed into this:


Otherwise, it was sunny weekend and we were ready for some seriously delicious eats!


First, we went to Live Organic Food Bar and it was fantastic! (Live is a little pricey, but totally worth it!)

For a ‘tizer we had the “Poutine.” I was pretty thrilled that these were really just vegan raw disco fries! These are delicious sticks of Jicama with cashew “cheese” and miso gravy!

Jicama Disco Fries

These were amazing! Next up was the juice! We ordered the “Green Kick” with pear, kale, ginger, dandelion, and lemon. Although we both thought it was delish, the kale flavor dominated the juice completely. In other words, if kale ain’t your bag, pick a different juice.

Willie sipping Kale

As you will see, the rest of the food was pretty exciting as well, we had the Pizza M’On and the Sunshine wrap.

Pizza M'On

Sunshine Wrap

The Pizza had a wonderful mix of fruits and veggies on top but, for me at least, it was totally outshone by this amazing wrap! Here is Live’s description: “This garden-fresh wrap is made from sprouted flax seeds and veggies then filled with a sunflower seed hummus, cucumbers, kale, tomatoes, red onions, avocado, and sprouts.” It was also filled with yum.

Of course dessert was a must and we chose an almond butter cup and (I think) one of their halwas. (Willie: The dessert on the left was actually an almond bar of sorts, but the halwas did look amazing.)


I would definitely recommend this place! (Willie: I second that.) The next day, after some apartment hunting, we stopped in for lunch at this great little Indian place. Annapurna is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in all of Ontario and the food pretty great. [Warning: not such a great website.] We got the vegetarian sampler and it was a lot of food but, thankfully, not so much food that I quickly developed an Indian-food baby that I would need to sleep off A.S.A.P. (Okay, so maybe that comment needs a little more explanation… I love Indian food a little too much. Some would call it a problem. I do not. Everytime I eat Indian food, I eat way too much and, as a result, must sleep for a few hours after eating.)

Anyway, here are some pics of the food:


These are all the ‘tizers. All of them were out of this world, especially the samosas!


Willie loves his guava juice!


The entree was brown rice with saag and potato masala. I thought the saag was a little too heavy on the tomato and not really heavy enough on the saag… The potato masala was great though! The whole meal was a little odd though because nothing was spicy at all. I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to spicy food, but when I eat Indian food, I’m craving that slight burn. It was still delicious though!

This post is getting a little long but there is one more restaurant I NEED to cover. Annapurna did fill us up and we were pretty tired from apartment hunting, so we didn’t go out for dinner until rather late. In one of the guide books we brought with us, they mentioned a popular spot that was open 24/7. We naturally assumed it was a diner of sorts but it ended up being a really cute little bar/cafe/italian restaurant with the most mind-blowingly amazing dessert menu. 7 West Cafe had some of the most delicious ravioli I have ever eaten. ever. and I’m kind of a snob when it comes to ravvies.

7 west ravvies

Sorry about the flash! I might have forgotten to turn it off before taking the picture… it was really dark in the restaurant and I may have been really embarassed, but in the end, it is the only picture where you can really see the food. We also got the olive oil pasta:

olive oil pasta

See what I mean? Pretty ridiculously dark. This was really good, but nothing to write home to mom about… The Belgian Dark Chocolate Cake we had for dessert on the other hand… Honestly, I’m having a foodgasm just thinking about this amazing cake. I usually hate frosting, but I could eat bowls and bowls of the frosting that was on this cake. It gives new meaning to Holy Yum. Oh, now I really want chocolate cake. dammit. Okay, so, maybe it was so good and I was so excited that I didn’t take a picture… I’m sorry. But, not really, because the sooner I could get that cake into my mouth the better.

All in all, 7 West Cafe was a little dark and the wait staff a little too chill, but the food was amazing and the dessert was resplendent.

The next day we drove back to Pittsburgh to a lovely sunset!


sunset 2

Boy am I going to miss this city…


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